Kcho to open an exhibition dedicated to Martha Machado Cuni

Kcho to open an exhibition dedicated to Martha Machado Cuni
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24 March 2015
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Portraits showing Martha’s life and work, and oil paintings by the famous plastic artist are hanging on the walls of the art gallery that was small for the crowd that congregated there.

An in intimist environment Kcho talked about the legacy left to him by his parents, a legacy that has allowed him to walk in a world without boasting and to assume his success with simplicity and humbleness. The artist was accompanied by the local baseball team to open the exhibition.

He also talked about the strong relationship he has with this place where he was born, raised and educated.

“My biggest dream is to able to sit in this corner, if I ever get the right to do it, to talk to children about what I have been able to do in my life.” He said that there’s no work more beautiful than to be with the people permanently.

Kcho has made more than 90 individual and collective exhibitions.

Translation: Adriana Perez (Cubarte)

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