Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Says CAA "Fascist", Reads Delhi Activist's Poem

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Says CAA "Fascist", Reads Delhi Activist's Poem
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27 February 2020
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New Delhi: Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters referred to the controversial citizenship law CAA at an event in London, where he also recited from the poem of a Delhi poet-activist Aamir Aziz. 

Introducing the 30-year-old poet from Jamia Milllia Islamia, the guitarist said he was involved in the fight against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his "fascist, racist citizenship law". The event was held on Saturday to demand the release of Julian Assange.

He was talking about a global movement that the "fragile planet" desperately needed and referred to protests in other parts of the world, including India.

"This is a young man none of us know. His name is Aamir Aziz. And he is a young poet and activist in Delhi. He is involved in the fight against Modi and his fascist, racist citizenship law," said Roger Waters, drawing applause from the gathering.

He went on to recite from Azis's poem: 

"Everything will be remembered.
Killers, we will become ghosts
and write of your killings,
with all the evidence.
You write jokes in courts,
we will write justice on the walls.
We will speak so loudly that
even the deaf will hear.
We will write so clearly that
even the blind will read.
You write injustice on the earth,
We will write revolution in the sky."

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