Wooden car race decorates festivities for Quito Foundation

Wooden car race decorates festivities for Quito Foundation
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1 December 2019
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The festivities of Quito, for the 485th anniversary of the foundation of the capital of Ecuador, are decorated this Sunday with the start of the traditional wooden car race.

The event that is part of the program of celebrations to the capital has been held in various parts of this city for more than 40 years.

For this day, the initial competition is foreseen, of six fixed in the agenda, in the circuit from the avenue La Gasca to the Fernando de Santillan.

The downhill race, which tests the tact and nerves of the participants, will take place in two categories this year, from 15 to 20 years and from 20 to 40.

Among the main requirements to compete is to have cars built only with wood and with rubber-coated tires of used tires.

The popular game is one of the most awaited by Quiteños and visitors during the festivities for the foundation of the capital.

The competition is developed with the support of entities such as the Metropolitan Police, the Secretariats of Sport and Security, the Metropolitan Transit Agency, the Metropolitan Control Agency and the Fire Department.

During this weekend, the Fire Festival took place last Friday, which takes the flame of the festivities to 15 neighborhoods of Quito and the Confraternity Parade, the day before, in which thousands of people participated.

The celebrations of the so-called 'Carita de Dios' began last November 22nd and will last until December 7th.

Quito was founded on December 6, 1834, by Spanish conqueror, Sebastian de Belalcazar.

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