Cuban Songwriter Sings in Buenos Aires

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Cuban Songwriter Sings in Buenos Aires
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26 October 2018
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Buenos Aires, Oct 26 (Prensa Latina) Silvio Rodriguez, a troubadour, a poet, a Cuban and a Latin American returned to Buenos Aires in the first of two concerts in this capital, where more than 9,000 people sang with him in an evening full of symbolism.

Homeland, hope, the latent reality in society and that political commitment in so convulsive times for Latin America and the world, became evident on Thursday, with moments charged with emotion, in which the Argentines, -who love Silvio-, thanked him again and again for being here right now.

'Stay all night long, stay all your life,' shouted one of the many people who waited for this moment since his most recent performance in this southern land, more than three years ago. Shouts to Silvio, Cuba and its Revolution, America, were turned into an echo in the overflowing Luna Park throughout the evening.

Accompanied by his guitar, his camera that supports on a small table next to his chair, and seven excellent musicians, Silvio made many hearts happy, couples that held hands while singing 'El Necio', many who have grown up listening to him and chanted at the top of their voices.

Among applause, Silvio sang many songs, some of them old ones, but mostly never heard before here as 'Viene la cosa', composed in 2016: 'viene una cosa que solo la sinceridad destroza', the chorus says.

Magical moments were many. When he sang 'Te amare', 'La maza', 'La Gaviota', composed in 1976 when he returned from Angola, or 'Tonada para dos poemas', two quatrains written by poet Ruben Martinez Villena.

This was the third of five concerts in Argentina of a tour that first took him to Chile and will conclude on Sunday, October 28, with a free recital in the Buenos Aires locality of Avellaneda.

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