Cuban Singer Songwriter Performs in Dominican Republic

Cuban Singer Songwriter Performs in Dominican Republic
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27 May 2018
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Cuban singer-songwriter Liuba María Hevia captivated her audience with her music at the concert she dedicated to her compatriots in Plaza Simón Bolívar, in the Dominican capital.

The performance, organized by the Cuban Embassy in this nation and the Máximo Gómez Association of Cuban Residents here, was a great success. As Cuban Ambassador Carlos Jesús de la Nuez said, 'Liuba's concerts treasure the best of the human being and they are addressed to everyone.'

The singer-songwriter, who was accompanied by Dominican Laura Sánchez, sang essential songs by composers María Elena Walsh, from Argentina, and Teresita Fernández, from Cuba, among other authors.

Speaking to Prensa Latina at the end of the concert, Liuba, as her followers identify her, said that she was happy with the concert.

'It was a meeting with Cubans, with Cuban children and it was a journey of children's songs, although at the end I sang other things and it was a preamble to Mother's Day in the Dominican Republic.'

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