Tribute to Nobel Prize in Literature Nadine Gordimer

Tribute to Nobel Prize in Literature Nadine Gordimer
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2 September 2014
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Poet and ethnologist Miguel Barnet, UNEAC’s president, Mr. Naphtal Manana, South African Ambassador to Cuba, and Tete Ortega, a Cuban translator of the Gordimer’s works will take part of this homage.

As part of the program, the presentation of an interview made the South African author by poet Nancy Morejon, National Book Award, will be carried out.

Nadine Gordimer was born on November 20, 1923 in Springs, a province of Gauteng, a mining town near Johannesburg. She published her first book titled Face to Face in 1949. In 1953, she published her first novel titled The Lying Days, in which would be reflected her technical narrative marked by a sober line, without sentimentality, but with a great concern for human degeneration that surrounded her.

During the eighties, she published some of her most important works: A Soldier's Embrace (1980), July's People (1981), Something Out There (1984), A Sport of Nature (1987), My Son's Story (1990).

The social issue of South Africa, the alienation of human behavior and racial segregation were crucial issues to be addressed in Nadine’s works. She was known as "literary voice against apartheid in South Africa."

Nadine Gordimer who was a great friend of Cuba and advocate for the Cuban people rights, received not only the Nobel, but also many awards, honors, and honorary doctorates honoris causa in different universities such as Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, Leuven in Belgium, Cape Town and Witwatersrand, among others.

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