Cuban Musicians to Participate in Vancouver Festival

Cuban Musicians to Participate in Vancouver Festival
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7 August 2014
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Among artists invited we find singers Tania Pantoja, Pedrito Calvo, Sixto Llorente (El Indio), Waldo Mendoza, Gardi, and the Azucar Negra band led by Leonel Limonta.

The Festival generates great expectation, commented Limonta to the Suenacubano portal, since Azucar Negra and other well-known musicians of the island "will perform for thousands of Cuban music followers, and our representation will be varied."

So far, he pointed out, the program includes the presentations of Pedrito Calvo and Waldo Mendoza on October 16; Tania Pantoja and Azucar Negra, on the 17th; El Indio and Gardi, on the 18th; and there will be a final concert by the group on October 19.

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