Alan Gross: North Decides

Alan Gross: North Decides
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22 May 2014
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AFP said that those lawmakers from the Democratic Party called on both governments to start negotiations “without preconditions”.

The French news agency added an interesting shade, by saying that this could lead to Gross’s release and normalization of bilateral ties.

The said lawmakers are headed by California Rep. Barbara Lee.

“We visited Alan Gross this morning (Monday) and talked to his lawyers”, said Lee at a press conference.

The congresswoman added they also met with Cuban FM Bruno Rodriguez.

In addition, Barbara Lee stated they participated in a meeting with US diplomats on the island.

Likewise she pointed out: “It’s time for both countries to commit to negotiations and we will tell the White House on our return”.

She revealed that, prior to their visit, spokespersons for the Obama administration told them about the issue, but they feel it in Havana now.

“The message is that in the interest of both countries negotiations should start”, not just talks, the California lawmaker added.

Everything began in 2009 when Gross, serving Washington, organized a subversive program under the pretext of strengthening information ties of the local Jewish community.   

Later, after his detention, he was transferred to a hospital geared at guaranteeing him special cares.

Last April 10, Josefina Vidal, General Director of the United States Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reiterated Cuban willingness to seek a solution to the Alan Gross case.   

This purpose should include, she remarked, the island’s humanitarian concerns about three Cuban antiterrorists (from the Five group) incarcerated in U.S.

Vidal recalled that Alan Gross has been visited by his wife and his lawyer, and that he keeps phone and electronic communication with them, as well as with other relatives and acquaintances.

Gross also keeps communication with the consular personnel and other diplomats from the US mission in Havana, and is visited by political and religious figures.

So, a scenario very different to the one lived by the famous five Cubans tormented in U.S. for fighting terrorism. Will the Alan Gross case remain deadlocked? North decides.

Jorge Mesa Benjamín / Cubasi Translation Staff

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