Australians against the US blockade To Cuba

Australians against the US blockade To Cuba
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28 October 2019
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The Australia-Cuba Friendship Association (ACFS) issued a statement demanding the immediate lifting of the US blockade against the island, a few days after a resolution was voted in the United Nations.

It is a new one of the active and firm work of solidarity that the ACFS has deployed on Australian soil for more than 40 years, the ambassador of the Caribbean nation here, Ariel Lorenzo, told Prensa Latina today.

The declaration was signed by seven territorial delegations of the Association and was handed over to me by members of their representation in the city of Brisbane, the diplomat said.

The text, he explained, urges the United States government to cease that illegal and genocidal policy and to pay compensation to Cuba for the economic damage it has caused for almost six decades.

He also calls on the Australian government to support actions against the siege of the island through the use of diplomatic channels and pronouncements in international forums, Lorenzo said.

The ambassador pointed out that ACFS's gestures of solidarity towards his country are systematic.

Since its creation in 1979, the organization has held acts of protest against the blockade every second and seventeenth day of each month, in front of the US Consulates General in the cities of Perth and Sydney, he said.

A few days ago, Lorenzo reported through a radio station in Canberra the increase in the aggressive escalation of the United States against his country and the damage caused by the blockade.

Speaking to the Latin American Connection program, which broadcasts the 2XXFM radio station, the diplomat presented the main actions of Donald Trump's government against the island, characterized by the continued imposition of restrictive measures and attacks of various kinds.

On November 6 and 7, Cuba will present once again at the General Assembly of the United Nations a resolution that demands the cessation of the unjustified economic, commercial and financial harassment imposed by Washington.

In the last 27 years, our country has received overwhelming support from the international community and this will happen again this time, the ambassador said.

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