Miguel Diaz-Canel elected President of the Republic of Cuba

Miguel Diaz-Canel elected President of the Republic of Cuba
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10 October 2019
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Miguel-Diaz-Canel was elected President of the Republic of Cuba this Thursday, by absolute majority of National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP, Cuban Parliament) members, in a free, direct and secret vote, during the Fourth Extraordinary Session of this legislative body.

In the parliamentary session, held in Havana's International Conference Center, Salvador Valdes was also elected Vice President of Cuba.

Both leaders thus received a mandate through 2023, when the current legislature of the Cuban Parliament ends.

Among his duties, the President of the Republic must fulfill and ensure respect for the Constitution and laws, as well as representing the State and directing its general policy.

He must also govern foreign policy, relations with other States, and defense and national security.

At the next legislative session, Diaz-Canel must present before the ANPP the members of the Council of Ministers.

The voting today comes following the entry into force of the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba in April this year.

Born in 1959, Diaz-Canel is a Cuban engineer and professor. A member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba, he was the first secretary of the political organization in the provinces of Villa Clara and Holguin.

He also served as Minister of Higher Education and vice-president of the Council of Ministers.

In the historic session this Thursday, the ANPP also elected its president, vice president and secretary, who will occupy the same positions in the Council of State, as well as the other members of that body.

The President will have three months to propose a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as Provincial Governors, all of which are new posts created according to the Constitution approved by the Cuban people in February of this year.

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