Diaz-Canel Positively Evaluates Vacation Period in Cuba

Diaz-Canel Positively Evaluates Vacation Period in Cuba
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25 August 2019
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The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, described as a ''good summer'' the holiday period about to end in the country, because of varied recreational options and tranquility which prevailed.

The country's economic restrictions did not prevent thousands of people from enjoying their vacations during the months of July and August, when activities in educational centers, beaches and recreational facilities receive the greatest number of visitors.

According to the official website of the Presidency, Diaz-Canel highlighted the impact of the summer camps, held in educational centers and universities, in which some 42,500 young people participated.

In them, there were excursions to historical and natural sites, activities in the countryside, sanitation of beaches and social work in complex communities.

At the meeting where the program of planned recreational activities throughout the country was evaluated, the President urged that this initiative be extended to the entire summer next year.

He commented on the revival of projects that for some years have been deployed in the provinces, which have opened new spaces for recreation of the village and are used during the holiday months.

He also highlighted the role of the Joven Club de Computacion (Computer Youth Club), which presented new options during this stage, to which has been added the work to connect, through them, the private networks of natural persons, following a decision by the Cuban government to organize the country's radio-electronic space.

Referring to the salary increase, which became effective this summer, Diaz-Canel said that with the support of the population it has been achieved that prices do not rise.

At the meeting, the state of opinion of the population on summer activities was known, based on the work carried out by the Center for Socio-Political and Opinion Studies (CESPO).

It was reported that 59 per cent of the criteria collected was positive, with recognition of the quality and variety of activities, supplies, transport, chlorination of swimming pools and recreational options in the most remote communities.

Among the problems of the summer stage he mentioned the failure of supplies in some places; the complicated epidemiological situation in several provinces; interruptions in the collection of solid waste, and the occurrence of traffic accidents.

The Cuban president recognized those who kept working, especially workers of the light industry workshops, mostly women, who guarantee the making of school uniforms for the academic year that begins in September.

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