Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association supports Cuba´s ideals

Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association supports Cuba´s ideals
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19 June 2019
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CCFA-CALGARY in Collaboration with Colectivo Por la Memoria Salvador Allende had the privileged to had 2 special guest from ICAP ( Cuban Institute of Friendship with the people) directly from Cuba, Sandra Ramirez & Yamil Marrero.

Our main objective is to inform and educate people about important topics that's affecting the Cuban people.

Important issues such as the closing of the Canadian Visa office in Havana that's impacting thousands of Cuban families, the Helms Burton laws that has been put in place and threaten peace, solidarity, peaceful coexistence and friendship between nations AND for over half of century the people of Cuba have been suffering under a criminal blockade that we ALL say no more!!!!

We will continue to defend this country that has done nothing but give Solidarity to so many countries in Latin America, Africa and around the world!!!! For those that came to see them speak, Thank You for your unconditional support!!!!!

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