Argentine Airlines announces direct flights to Cuba from 2015

Argentine Airlines announces direct flights to Cuba from 2015
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28 October 2014
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As part of a plan of expansion of routes to Caribbean destinations that Argentine people are more traveling for their holidays, the main airline of the country, Argentine Airlines, reported a few days ago that since January, 2015 will begin to operate direct flights to the Cuban capital, as well as including new service to Cancun, Mexico, and Punta Cana, in Dominican Republic.

According to executives of the airline in a statement to the Argentine press, connections between Buenos Aires and Havana will begin on January 4, to perform with two weekly flights, on Wednesdays and Sundays, and provided with technical stop in Caracas, Venezuela, in order to ensure supply of fuel to the Boeing 737-800 aircraft, which will cover the route.

The schedules and prices of these flights were also confirmed by the airline, which reinforces the growing number of links between South America and Cuba, operated by other companies such as Cup, LAN and the own Cubana de Aviación, which recently joined the Ecuadorian TAME and the Colombian Avianca.

Of course that all the new routes, or in which frequencies were recently increased by these airlines, are linked to the interest of accompanying increasing tourist flows and results from the commercial point of view.

In this regard, the owner of Argentine Airlines, Mariano Recalde, explained that both Havana and Punta Cana were destinations covered so far by other foreign companies, with a business profits between 15 and 18 million per month, in which they obviously want to participate.

Argentina remains the main market issuing travelers from South America towards Cuba, even though its emissions decreased in the last two years, according to official statistics which reveal that if in 2012 the island received 94 697 Argentines, in 2013 the number fell to 90 084, and from January to August this year had posted 586 50 confirmed.

Cuban tourism authorities are committed to the future of this market, and relying on its recovery, and many specialists and companies in the sector, that precisely these days have resumed the actions of promotion in several South American Nations, which hosts important exhibitions, including, first, to Argentina.

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