Cuban Varied Religious Framework Defends Unity

Cuban Varied Religious Framework Defends Unity
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24 January 2019
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“We will be able to defeat the challenges for the good of the community, the motherland and the world.” The honorable Reverend Pablo Odén Marichal, who talked at a meeting of the Cuban varied religious framework in Havana city, pointed out.

Believers of the established religions in Cuba, fraternal associations, religious institutions as well as the people guided by their faith attended to the event at the venue of the local Santísima Trinidad Episcopal Cathedral to achieve unity and fraternal love among all the human beings.

Some topics such as the woman´s contribution to the society by the minister Rosa Maday García García´s vision on the human rights and their guarantees in the Cuban constitution and the related talk by the professor PhD. Yuri Pérez Martínez on Constitutional Law of the University of Havana, added more reasons to keep the varied religious dialogue in a nation where there is a rich cultural diversity.

The article number 57 of the Constitution, which will be voted on February 24th, indicates that any citizen has right to have religious beliefs or even not and changing them by practicing the religion of their preference, along with the proper respect about the other ones and according to the law.”

The aforementioned religious Cuban framework recognizes that the different faiths, religions, families, communities and the motherland play an irreplaceable role on the creation of a world of peace; therefore, the fraternal and respectful coexistence among religions is being increased.

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