Fernando Gonzalez Decorated by Spanish Communist Party

Fernando Gonzalez Decorated by Spanish Communist Party
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22 September 2014
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Cuban antiterrorist fighter Cuban Fernando Gonzalez received in Madrid on Friday, a commemorative medal to honor Dolores Ibárruri, the Passion Flower.

“The Cuban Five are an example that Cuba can never subjected to the US, because after all what they did, they could not break the will of these five men,” said Jose Luis Centella, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE).

Centella, also a deputy to the Spanish Congress, presented the medal to Gonzalez, who said that he was accepting the medal, not only on behalf of Fernando, but on behalf of the Cuban Five.

“I appreciate the perseverance and the support of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE), the struggle that they have maintained in favor of the Five and Cuba, and I am honored with this medal, which is not only for Fernando, but for the whole Cuban Five and their people,” said the antiterrorist fighter.

Dolores Ibárruri, called Passion Flower, was a Spanish female political fighter for the rights of women and a Spanish Republican leader of the Spanish Civil War, who occupied a prominent place in the ranks of PCE.

At the ceremony along with members of the PCE, the Cuban diplomatic mission was headed by Ambassador Eugenio Martinez. Organizers dedicated the activity to the Cuban Five.

Besides Fernando, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and René González received long sentences as a result of their unfair trials, this according to international organizations, and prestigious intellectuals extending political solidarity with Cuba.

Fernando and René returned to Cuban national territory after fulfilled their sentences, sentences imposed at trial considered arbitrary by a panel of UN lawyers.

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