Paro, first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba

Paro, first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba
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26 February 2018
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The first robot with artificial intelligence that arrives in Cuba, known by the name Paro, grabs the attention of the audience to the Technology Fair La Guayabera 5.0, an appointment and luxury that comes with "all inclusive" in the field of culture and technologies.

It is thus that Paro is expected to draw a large part of the glances of those who decide to get to the House of the Guayabera, since it is a robot that simulates a white baby seal developed by Japanese specialists.

Considered a technology for the integration of artificial intelligence for therapeutic purposes, was designed for the accompaniment, mainly for people of the third age, autistic children or those who by physical issues may not have pets.

And is that this seal, thanks to a huge number of sensors of artificial intelligence, answer the call of the people and is happy when you load; in addition, makes gestures that simulate an animal true and expressions that stimulate the five human senses.

Paro has a synthetic leather does not spores, with medical conditions including, and about three thousand 500 copies of this robot are used in more than 30 countries of the world, mostly in Europe and North America.

According to Luis Ernesto Baracaldo, a member of the organizing committee of the fair, in Denmark, for example, 80 % of the local governments have officially introduced and is used in institutes for rehabilitation of persons with developmental disabilities, mental impairment or brain disorders.

The robot was brought by a delegation of Japanese experts who participate in the Guayabera 5.0, headed by Kenji Shimada, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Cuba, who will give a talk on robotics and the relations of cooperation in this matter between the Asian nation and the island.

During the event, which promotes the interaction between culture, technology and society in this central city, will be inaugurated the photo exhibition across borders, a collective collection of Japanese photographers Awards winners 2013 Relief Artists in 2015 and which has travelled the world.

Opened in December 2017 in the Asia House in Havana, the exhibition will be on display at the headquarters of the Provincial Museum of the city of Sancti Spiritus.

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