Cuban Women: Empowerment and Rights for a Celebration

Cuban Women: Empowerment and Rights for a Celebration
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8 March 2017
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Women's empowerment, and gender and rights equality are some of the achievements Cuba is showing today on occasion of the International Women's Day.

We will honor today those who fought for equality, justice, peace and the full development of women and many other achievements for this segment of the population.

The eastern province of Granma, due to its achievements, will host the national celebrations organized by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), which currently has more than four million members, 90.6 percent of Cuban women with more than 14 years old.

FMC Secretary General, Teresa Amarelle, stated that the Revolution provided Cuban women with the possibility of becoming full human beings, invested with rights and protagonists of the new Cuba, while uprooted years of discrimination, exclusion and ignominy.

Under the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1958), Cuban women represented 17 percent of the working population and received a significantly lower salary than men for similar jobs.

Following the revolutionary triumph in 1959, led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the generation of public policies to further progress in the inclusion and the deployment of the Cuban potentialities has been a priority.

The FMC, founded by Vilma Espin on August 23rd, 1960, has played a key role in defending the same rights for all and ending discrimination in all this process of emancipation and empowerment, Amarelle said.

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