Venezuela will Pay Homage to Maradona

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Venezuela will Pay Homage to Maradona
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7 December 2020

Demonstrations in the streets, then shots are heard, you see fire, smoke, there are screams, people crouching to protect themselves from those who repress them, while stones, pieces of wood are thrown and try to advance without fear even when the repressive bodies are right ahead. This can be seen in videos that circulated on social networks and Internet web pages, and it did not happen in Cuba, nor in Venezuela, nor in Nicaragua, the "damn axis of evil" who is to blame for everything, especially violating human rights, individual assurances; it happened in France during strong protests where thousands of French people raised their voices against the security law that promotes the Macron government and which only this weekend caused more than thirty injured, according to local media.

An image draws the attention of those of us who look at what’s been happening: in the front line of protesters, a giant cloth ( with the image of the recently deceased Pelusa, leads the march and next to it can be read: “The hand of God was born. He filled the town with joy”. And it seems that the Argentine Pibe is reborn as the spearhead of the demands of the peoples, even more so, where a governing president who so much wanted to praise the famous soccer player on the fields, leaves written evidence in a letter to President Alberto Fernández, where he messed everything up by speaking of Maradona's relationship with Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez leaving a bitter taste of defeat, because only on the turf he had made a Revolution.

Macron had received several responses after his letter, especially from the highest government Venezuelan authorities and President Nicolás Maduro himself, he ratified that Maradona was at the forefront of the protests. “There is your answer, Macron. Maradona is now in charge of the French people,” said Maduro, also saying it was a low blow of the French president. The Venezuelan president specified that the Argentine athlete was like a son to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, a brother to Commander Hugo Chávez, a faithful follower of the ideas and the thought of Che Guevara and a great friend of presidents Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Cristina Fernández, Lula da Silva and the peoples who always fought for a better world and who were always there next to fair causes.

Maduro, who had described the French president’s letter to his Argentine counterpart as cynical after the departure of the Pelusa, recalled anecdotes of Maradona's friendship with his country and with him, whom thanked for always being there, even in the worst circumstances and he said that after the elections on December, Venezuela will carry out a popular, sports and cultural tribute to Diego Armando Maradona with children and young people as protagonists.

“Maradó, Maradó, unforgettable Maradona. We will always remember you, his love, his smile; Maradona, we'll always be paying tribute in Venezuela! Thank you Maradona!”, said Maduro.

Maradona will continue to make and lead Revolutions, also in the fields, but above all, wherever there’s a Latin American willing to fight for the wellbeing and unity of the region, there where peoples claim their rights and reach out to the most needed. In a few days the elections will be held in Venezuela, but will travel the world, with his foot leading the goals that give us back a more noble, just and supportive world.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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