U.S.-Elections: How do Neo-Nazis Play in Trump’s Favor?

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U.S.-Elections: How do Neo-Nazis Play in Trump’s Favor?
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27 October 2020

A lot has been said about the proliferation and activity of neo-Nazi groups in the United States. A concrete example can show the phenomenon.

The incident happened to a student at the University of Florida, in Gainesville city, Alachua county.

It was revealed this Wednesday by the Spanish news agency (EFE) in Miami.

Lisa Zayas, director of Communication for the Latino Market at Florida Watch, confirmed to that agency that "the student is scared and does not want to offer her identity."

She added, “of North American nationality and nobody knows anything, many things can happen; it’s intimidation and that’s not OK”.

What’s this complaint about?

The student received an email on Tuesday threatening to persecute her if she doesn’t vote for Trump on November 3rd.

They also told her to "change her party affiliation" and blackmail her for knowing her personal data.

The email was sent by Proud Boys, a group that Trump asked during a presidential debate to be "prepared" for the elections, although he later said he didn’t know the group.

It’s a neo-Nazi organization created by Canadian journalist Gavin McInnes, founder of "Vice" magazine in 1994 and registered in the United States in 2001.

This man in recent years has stood out for attacks against members of the black community, Muslims, indigenous people, and women.

Everything indicates that the student has not been the solely target threatened, said Florida Watch, a progressive organization on issues and policies that affect citizens.

The office of the Supervisor of Elections in Alachua, this Tuesday, issued a statement indicating "knowing intimidation of voters via email."

And ended:

“We are working with local agencies, as well as state and federal agencies, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

In other words, what was discovered only shows the tip of an iceberg where numerous victims converge.

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