UN against US blockade on Cuba: Democrats and Donald Trump’s legacy

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UN against US blockade on Cuba: Democrats and Donald Trump’s legacy
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4 November 2022

The country that boasts of being the most democratic nation in the world showed the opposite during the 30th voting that took place at the UN headquarters where nearly all member states rejected the US blockade on Cuba.

The US delegation not only ignored the world’s rejection, but they also cynically lied to justify the vote in favor of maintaining the longest genocidal expression ever, at least in modern history.

In an outright derision to the United Nations Charter, the representative of the US justified at the plenary of the UNGA his opposition to the Cuban resolution by referring to the 11 July events, and the situation of political prisoners, the versions of minors in prison as well as restrictions in the access to internet.

It seems that, either the representatives of the empire suffer from hearing loss or they are just imbued with a pattern of arrogance of being the owners of the world, they did not pay attention to the words of Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs when he said: “The U.S. Government allocates millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars from the federal budget and covert funds and recruits government institutions and private companies to finance political operators who carry out campaigns of disinformation, hatred and destabilization in digital networks against Cuba.”

For those suffering from amnesia, let’s remind them that the events of 11 July occurred right at the worst moment of the pandemic in Cuba. As several speakers stated during the two days of sessions, instead of, as they did with other countries, exempting the Cuban people from sanctions, the United States' technological platforms attacked the Island in a colossal media campaign based on the false claim of humanitarian aid, which actually turned out to be a request for military intervention.

The US representatives at the UN headquarters, in addition to being deaf and cynical, are also misinformed.

As a result of the events of 11 July, former President Donald Trump claimed credit for having caused the disturbances on the island by implementing over 240 measures during his administration to tighten the blockade against Cuba.

By the way, the liar Trump, accused by the Democrats of sowing hatred and division in the US, with the allegations of fraud in the last presidential elections, was the same man who trumped up false accusation, nine days before leaving the presidency, that Cuba was a country that sponsors terrorism.

But apparently, and as the lone defenders of the US blockade against Cuba in the United Nations have just proven, the former president's lies should only be taken into account when they question the electoral legitimacy of the current administration.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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