Social Networks: Climate for a New Terrorist Wave

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Social Networks: Climate for a New Terrorist Wave
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1 June 2020

Attacks through the social networks of the Miami counterrevolution against Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, following his denunciation of the shooting against the Cuban diplomatic headquarters in Washington, seek to generate a favorable climate to a new terrorist wave against Cuban representations abroad.

Besides, in this way, they attempt to divert the attention to Cuba's request to the White House to clarify its connection with the terrorist act of Alexander Alazo.

No other government than the United States has attributed Cuba's reasons by demanding an explanation from Washington, on the contrary, U.S. congressmen and senators, politicians, social leaders and several organizations worldwide have shown solidarity with Havana.

Meanwhile, the current U.S. administration keeps a complicit silence and allows its lackeys to do the dirty work on social networks, using the worst criminal jargon. A group of failed veteran artists stand out playing this poor role. They now meekly discover their affiliation. and support for the dreary gray color of terrorism.

The audiovisual material addressed to the Cuban chancellor, made by these alleged creators, offends the sensitivity of people with dignity and it’s enough to demonstrate the lack of ideas. In addition to the false intellectual leadership that the U.S. media and propaganda agencies once tried to build for them.

According to an investigation ran by the AP press agency in 2014, some of those who are trying to force their intimidations on social networks against Cuba today are connected to the U.S. administration and its subversive associations like the United States Agency for the International Development (USAID), recognized CIA front.

The AP disclosure indicates that between 2008-2012 USAID carried out, through subcontractors and music promoters from Serbia, recruiting activities, among others of Aldo Alberto Rodríguez, the Aldeano, and paid for a trip of the band to that country where they performed and took instructions for their political activism against the Cuban government.

They vehemently denied these accusations, but USAID itself exposed after the agency's spokesman, Matt Herrick, interviewed by the Spanish newspaper El País, stated: "The claims that our work is secret or undercover are just false, the reason for the possible complications in this case is that when the agency works in confined spaces like Cuba, it has to balance the agency's commitment to transparency with the imperative to protect the safety of our partners and beneficiaries. "

This requires, he asserted, "to act with an appropriate level of discretion"
In the recent intervention of the Cuban foreign minister, it was richly established that the shooter with an AK 47 swept the facade of the headquarters with 32 shots in search of a victim and it was proven with photos -obtained from social networks and not from any intelligence investigation- that Alazo had liaisons with the organizers of the desecration of José Martí statues that took place by the end of last year in Havana.

The direct criminals of the vandalism turned out to be criminals paid by Miami, who couldn’t, when arrested, stutter the slightest explanation for being members of the made-up "resistance" to the Revolution built on the fake news at the time.

What they couldn’t say was replaced by anti-Cuban sites that, with the mission of modifying the crime scene to criminals, claimed that the detainees, by staining the statues with animal blood, carried out a symbolic act against the alleged intention of the Cuban State to monopolize Martí for political purposes.

This same justification has been used for some time by domestic  counterrevolutionaries to justify systematically staining the Cuban flag, under the explanation that it’s done as a conceptual act of protest against what they call manipulation of the national symbols by the Revolution.

It seems that in the business of the domestic and overseas opposition, money and its purposes are well separated and today, from the beginning criminals to the faded wannabe artists must join the general guideline of supporting terrorist actions, but for how long will they do it?

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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