OPINION: Biden, NATO, and the prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine

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OPINION: Biden, NATO, and the prolongation of the conflict in Ukraine
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2 April 2022

In the fever of hatred against Russia, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, met in Brussels with his minions from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union and the Group of Seven to avoid any cracking in the stance against Moscow for its military operation in Ukraine.

Now it turns out that while trying to ignore the enormous number of biological laboratories that the United States has scattered close to the Russian nation, something the US president’s son, Hunter, was involved in, the voices submissive to Washington advocated to avoid an alleged chemical aggression from the country that warned about it, to prevent it.

In addition, it was agreed to double the special battalions that operate in other nations bordering Russia and that are part of NATO to eight.

As usual, arms shipments to Ukraine will continue to increase, although the troops of the aggressive organization will not enter Ukrainian territory, although Western advisers have already perished while training the "volunteers" - read mercenaries - who will mainly reinforce the neo-Nazi elements that act unscrupulously against civilians, by using them as defensive shields.

The media, as usual, not only do not use, but do not spread the Russian arguments. They boast about the casualties of the soldiers of the Eurasian nation and lie or exaggerate about the deaths of civilians as a result of the Moscow air strikes, which has delayed actions to try to open humanitarian corridors and avoid harming the population, something that the enemy prevents to avoid a direct confrontation.

In addition to having as his main goal to close ranks to prolong the war, Biden coordinated new and greater sanctions against Russia, forcing his allies to support each of them, although recognizing that it has economic costs in this regard, with countermeasures by Moscow that affect the US dollar and the Euro, in addition to a surge in oil and gas prices.

Some Biden’s political opponents have labeled him as a president who makes weak decisions, all framed by injustices and illegalities, but nothing is further from the truth, when it is known that when he was a senator, he encouraged the massive bombing of Yugoslavia 23 years ago, especially the destruction of the bridges over the river Drina in Belgrade.

Some believe that this aggravated the situation of the countries that made up Yugoslavia and the surrounding areas, and that is precisely what the United States wanted and its main ally in the aggression, Germany, always looking for revenge.

Unjust wars of the world gendarme

The truth is that, as the Panamanian lawyer and political analyst Antonio Saldaña said, it is no secret to anyone that the United States governments have promoted and participated in unjust wars, invasions and military interventions worldwide, in their self-proclaimed right to police the world and in its imperialist condition, in a direct way, throughout the entire past century and in part so far this century.

All those local or regional wars unleashed by North American imperialism were characterized by a direct military presence. What’s more, they were economically motivated wars (“military industrial complex”) and, on countless occasions, the stimulations were of internal politics.

For this reason, the conflagration triggered by North American imperialism and its "allies" of the European Union (EU), in the Ukrainian territory, is not the exception, except that on this occasion, the White House and the submissive European powers send the weapons while Ukrainians number the dead.

Now all leaders from nations attached to the Empire cry out against Vladimir Putin, blaming him for every crime, and even some members of the oligarchy have offered a reward to whoever assassinates him.

And all because Putin, after extensive consultation with his cabinet and the Parliament (Duma), recognized the republics that declared themselves independent in Donbass, and launched a special military operation to protect them from an imminent large-scale attack from Kyiv and cut off the continued attacks in that region, which had already lasted eight years.

The background to this is the incorporation of neighboring countries (former Soviet republics) into NATO, a danger to its national security, above all, with the intention of annexing its extensive neighbor Ukraine to the military treaty. So the Moscow regime repeatedly —knowing the warmongering intentions of the United States and its European puppets— expressly and categorically told them that it would not tolerate the incorporation of Ukraine into the military pact. But the imperialists turned a "deaf ear" and "those powders brought this mud" of the Russian mobilization.

And although it was later stated that it was very unlikely that Ukraine would be part of NATO, and the Ukrainian president himself, Vladimir Zelesnki, was willing to negotiate at first, the intention of the White House silenced any attempt to favor the end of hostilities,  as the US enabled a multimillion-dollar budget to send more weapons to Kyiv and prolonged a conflict that could have already ended, by allowing Kyiv and Moscow to talk and agree on Russian requests, which the neo-Nazi elements are trying to undermine.

There is talk of the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, something that makes all the sense if history is known, and by doing so achieve a lasting peace. But the Ukrainian government, complacent with the United States, rejects the Russian position that Kyiv declare the neutrality of the Republic; recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, and agree that Crimea is part of Russia's territory.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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