With the OAS: There’s Always a Catch

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With the OAS: There’s Always a Catch
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22 February 2021

What started as a simple control over just the 3% of electoral acts to check the edge of less than 1 point between the Indigenist Yaku Pérez, of the Pachakutic Movement, and the right-wing Guillermo Lasso, has
continued with a general count in most Ecuadorian provinces, in a movement that could mean the elimination of the winner in the first round, the candidate Andrés Arauz, who follows Correaˊs ideas and had obtained more than 32% of the votes, 12% ahead of his two main competitors.

What could be something improbable is not when it’s known that everything has come from the intervention of the Organization of American States and its leading voice, Luis Almagro, with an entire record sheet of services to North American imperialism and a presentation in this mess highly celebrated openly for the indigenous candidate.

Regardless of how this matter ends, it’s unquestionable the attempt to eliminate the participation of the Union of Hope in the second round, something that has always been in the plans of the departing president, Lenin Moreno, to avoid the triumph of those who want to restore the program of the Citizen Revolution and reverse the neoliberal process that has ruined and indebted the country.

Moreno keeps the general agenda of the Empire to prevent the return of the progressive forces to another Latin American country, as has happened in Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Undoubtedly the assertions of Yaku Pérez are revealing, that the end expected will be that he and Lasso will remain as the only contenders in the second round, leaving Arauz out.

Let’s remember that Pérez had rejected Lasso's support if he had been the finalist with Arauz, saying that he would not agree with who had been Moreno's strongest support, misleadingly implying that he was not supporter of neoliberalism.

However, Pachakutic is an entity with heterogeneous tendencies, which even supported in Parliament the entire neoliberal program proposed by the current leader.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait for the end of this mess set up by the right wing and blessed by the OAS, which would leave little time for preparations for a second round, still without contenders, with a weak Electoral National Council and, as everything points out, subjected to the interests of the right.

The followers of Correa’s ideas haven't reacted yet to the possibility that they their victory snatched in the first round and the attempt to leave them out in the second round, as it’s tangible in this conspiracy lead as always by the OAS, with a counting to which they were not invited.


Let’s remember that it was Almagro himself who lessened the victory in Bolivia of Evo Morales in the presidential elections, and virtually gave green light to the coup led by the reaction.

A year later, the truth broke through, with the wide victory of the Movement Toward Socialism and the beginning of a process that aims to erase the bad government of the coup plotters, who handed over public properties to private companies and are responsible for notorious corruption scandals, with ministers who have fled the country.

Earlier, in Honduras, a process had been opened to verify the corruption of which President Juan Orlando Hernández was accused.

Every year, Transparency International publishes an index on the perception of corruption in all countries of the world. The statistic shows how the population evaluates corruption in their country, on a scale from 0 to 100.
Honduras obtained a grade of 22, ranking 140 out of a total of 175 countries, the lowest place in the index on the perception of corruption in Central America.

But this didn’t matter to the Empire, which keeps Hernández in power despite the several days of protest, which are openly repressed by the police, paramilitary elements, and the army, that raid houses, remove tenants and, in some cases, make them disappear.

This is the way to keep the current President of Honduras, who didn’t allow an international commission to investigate the process of corruption in Honduras and only accepted the collaboration of the disgraced Organization of American States, to –all a cynical act- “help investigate the situation”, but never to accuse the corruption of Hernández and his followers.


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