The many expressions of love

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The many expressions of love
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10 February 2022

The Family Code Project, issue under public discussion in Cuba these days, embraces a lot more than the recognition to families, regardless of their structure. 

But issue is one of the most controversial.

It would be great to read the project calmly, without passion, and dealing with possible prejudices.

The Code does not intend to impose a type of family. The Code does not lobby for any type of family. The Code is not going to tell anyone which family structure is convenient for them.

They manipulate those who, due to dissimilar interests, affirm that the law intends to formalize indecency or restrict the freedoms of one side of our society.

The Family Code tries to recognize what already exists: dissimilar families, whose core is or should be, in the first place, love.

Obviously: no 'format' is a full guarantee of happiness. But you can find it in many 'formats.'

And the law should not ignore the right of all citizens to form a family according to their unique needs, desires and aspirations.

The limit, as marked by social practices, is the right of the other.

But, can anyone say what right is violated when two people decide to formalize a union before the law?

The idea that this law promotes homosexuality lacks any scientific basis.

Homosexuality does not need promotions. It exists.

And why does it exist despite the harassment, repression, demonization to which homosexuals have been subjected for centuries?

Is not recognizing only heterosexual unions supposed to promote heterosexuality?

Heterosexuality, of course, does not need promotion either.

It is about recognizing the rights of all with no minority of citizens with less rights.

And more than labels (to be or not to be anything), it is about love, about the many manifestations of love.

No one is ever going to force you to love someone. You love without impositions. And society has to welcome all those who have the need, the possibility and the luck to love.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff 

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