José Martí: guide and reference

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José Martí: guide and reference
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28 January 2023

José Martí is still a referent. José Martí is still our guide. 170 years have passed since his birthday, January 28th. José Martí still leads the way.

It may sound weird that a man from the 19th century is still regarded as the essential foundation of a project of nation. Certainly, the pillars of this ideological framework can be found in the essences.

José Martí should not be understood from the uncritical repetition of a set of phrases, often taken out of context.

Martí must be understood in the intense dialogue with his circumstances. His are not formulas; they are assumptions, applicable in dialectical interaction with the moment.

It would seem that some of Martí's ideas could be espoused by individuals who belong to irreconcilable sides of the political spectrum.

And obviously, it is possible in its most superficial dimension.

But it is enough to understand the immense apostolate of the National Hero to rule out any pairing with frankly reactionary conceptions.

José Martí led by example. His idea of the republic with all and for the good of all constituted the most progressive vision of his time.

Of course, there are specific concepts that have been overtaken by practice, but never fundamental assumptions.

Finding the core ideology of José Martí in the most authentic and current theory of the left-winged thinking is more than a possibility; it is the concretion of many of the edges of that thought.

The Cuban Revolution (understood in its permanent development) has to be Marti’s Revolution. Marti’s shall be the republic we are building. And the aspiration of a prosperous and sustainable socialism will never contradict Martí's dream, so many times postponed.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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