Hypocrisy as a peace offering

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Hypocrisy as a peace offering
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1 March 2022

The war finally broke out. The United States, NATO, the old imperialist Europe, apostatized countries from socialism, and the world right, finally achieved their goals: turning Ukraine into the bargaining chip, into the cannon fodder, the one that will provide most of the deaths and wounded, which will then have to be rebuilt the nation with the help of the same emporiums that sold the weapons for its self-destruction.

Russia was always the real target. The time has come for revenge against the great Eurasian country that had the audacity to once again become a world power. Let the war go on, let´s leave Ukraine to die and Russia withers to implosion. Let's harass the bear so that it continues making mistakes, throwing desperate claws, that help us precipitate its inevitable end. Is it that there is no sensible person in this world thinking about the true goal of everything and everyone?

For decades, the most reactionary right-wing forces on the planet had not been so united in a common goal. Not even the greatest thinkers of modern history, no one, had foreseen that this would be the happy ending of the world crisis of capitalism. Or is Russia a socialist country and its main leaders are sneaky communists? Putin himself clearly dispelled any doubts about this a few hours before giving the order to fire.

And what about the left-wing forces? Divided as usual, ever since – with few honorable exceptions – there was no way to fill with revolutionary ideas the void left by the collapse, like a house of cards, of countries following real socialism and finally, the collapse of the USSR. The socialism of the 21st century continues to be a pending issue for the world proletariat, and the century is already 22 years old.

And what about Russia’s friends and allies? Most of them remain hesitant, lost amid the informative chaos and “the rules of the game” patiently designed and firmly imposed by the "new world order," the one established by the allegedly winners of which has already been referred to as "the first cold war.”

But time has passed too quickly in less than a week. And every second of war in Ukraine strengthens the perfect storm for destruction.

Those who think of fishing in troubled waters must remember that underwater mines sink warships, but they also destroy the aquatic wildlife.

Globalization of stupidity

It no longer matters to convince anyone of anything. The informative smokescreen, designed by the Yankees since their military and media defeat in Vietnam, is an almost perfect machinery, which has proven its effectiveness in all wars, in the hundreds of wars and armed invasions that the American imperial machinery has unleashed since the Paris peace accords in 1973.

Nearly 50 years have passed and since then, and bombs made in the USA have continued to drop, practically every day, in some dark corner of the planet. And nobody cares. The UN, its Security Council, the EU and most of white-collar organizations of the "international community" have literally ignored the blood of millions of dead and wounded resulting from these wars.

Are the tens of thousands dead, wounded, assassinated and displaced people in Lugansk and Donetsk over the last eight years, and the last eight minutes, considered human beings or not, for the sole crime of not wanting to be Ukrainian? Nobody cares either.

The Russian army, if they can finally succeed in this “Special Military Operation” against the Ukrainian army, have long lost the media war in the process.

Cyber attacks and attacks of all kinds against the information media based in Moscow and in some allied countries are already designed and underway.

But hardly anyone is interested in reading or learning about recent history, much less the past history and how we get to the current situation between Ukraine and Russia; and if the sources come from “the aggressors, the imperialists, the fascists, and the Russian communists”… Much less.

Too many video games, too much Hollywood, too many television channels and no one can follow this or any war on their cell phones. Better to laugh with funny memes than to take actual time to look for some other truth.

Too many concerns about how the car is doing, fashion, paying taxes, rejecting vaccines, food for tonight and tomorrow. And no one stops to question whether there will be a tomorrow.

COVID-19 is finally a simple flu, Trump and Bolsonaro were right. As if the numbers of deaths that could be saved did not matter, the thousands who die today, and every day, from a terrible pandemic that becomes almost funny and familiar to us… as long as it does not take away our own family.

The world has been robotized. The Earth may be square. The Aliens hide in our home. The globalization of stupidity won.

And friends? Has friendship also gone out of fashion in international relations? Did the Yankee pragmatism of having no friends, only interests, triumph?

Leaving Russia alone today, to condemn it directly or indirectly, or with the complicit silence of those who until yesterday called themselves its friends and allies, is to align itself with the interests of its enemies, and side with the worst forces of hatred and revenge in the world.

It is not about allowing or accepting an action that violates fundamental principles of the international community, and which certainly has precedents with proper names such as Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and many others…

But blocking the path to true diplomacy, encouraging the Ukrainian government with uncertain gifts to move away from the negotiating table — so often proposed by the Kremlin. And instead, no matter how long human suffering of Russians and Ukrainians continues; filling the same negotiation table with a bunch of sanctions that are intended to hit the Russian people, including its oligarchs, to create chaos in the Eurasian giant, and for its people to turn against the government in Moscow, is so criminally hypocritical that it can only be compared to the worst of the war itself.

Cornering the bear even more... And the bear – someone already said it – has nuclear claws... Is it the kind of peace intended? Really?

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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