Deliberate Amnesia: Who are the Real Violent People?

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Deliberate Amnesia: Who are the Real Violent People?
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28 October 2021

A photo or a couple of images that someone or “some” people (surprisingly) posted in a small hole of the network have been quickly and ferociously replicated again and again in just few hours. In the image, a few people —about ten, most of them are women with sticks in their hands, allegedly belonging to the same work— seem to be ready to beat off (if they dare again) those who went wild  and went out the streets on July 11 with sticks (or are we going to actually believe those images of very violent criminals attacking cops, attacking those who bravely tried to stop them, those shop’s raiders, same kind of people who threw flaming products to a children’s hospital and many other stuffs were manipulated by the government?)

Well, this photo, posted originally —if not fake news— perhaps with a dissuasive purpose, has triggered a true “revolution” of concerned people in the anti-social networks. They talk about violence and say that the government is again inciting to the old practice of repudiation rallies and repression, bloodshed, and the way we face young people who only want to dialogue…In short, tears and regrets…chaos. The country is in collapse mode!

But, you know, the leadership of the Communist Party and the Cuban government, and other law enforcement authorities have spent weeks warning publicly by all means, with strong arguments and spiritual calmness, that going out to protest and claim for their right to protest, is a nonsense spiral. It is forbidden as it violates the Constitution approved by most inhabitants on this country. It should have been clear, but no. They seem to believe more in people on the Internet than in the words of the President of the nation and some of the top leaders in this country.

It is quite interesting that most of those “concerned” people live abroad. Nothing to add; you fight, you face the law. Meanwhile, I drink my cold beer here in Miami (and I show you via Facebook by the way). I incite you and behave like I am sad, concerned, the exile who was forced by the regime…But I sit here on the fences and if things turn awkward, I quickly join the annoying group of people requesting a humanitarian intervention to the Yankee president. I sing a ridiculous song at the European Parliament or go and then complaint to the Pope himself at the Vatican City…

Is it possible that the memory of some people (even good people) has been erased by the anti-Cuban propaganda? Is it the result of the pandemic, living in a lockdown, the several, daily shortage we are facing? Or was the sonic attack for real? But staged by the CIA…

It is incredible they may be so concerned about such aggressiveness, the violence of that “few” photographed with sticks in hands, which they have not used yet. It seems that none of these people want to remember where the roots of true violence are, for almost 63 years. Violence, threats, real terrorism in every way against Cuba, with a terrible human lives cost: 3.478 deaths and 2.099 disabled people, ACCORDING TO THE SUE OF THE CUBAN PEOPLE TO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT FOR HUMAN DAMAGES, May 31st, 1999.

Do they forget about the Barbados crime and the 73 deaths in the most horrible of circumstances? And the bombing of hotels, Fabio di Celmo, La Coubre and the mutilated bodies, the burning of shopping malls and Fe del Valle, factories and sugar plantations, the bombings of April 15th, Bay of Pigs, Nemesia, the biological war on Cuba’s flora, fauna, people, 158 deaths —including 101 children— caused by dengue. Damn! Did they forget all that?

When did terrorism on Cuba stop? And what about all those guys who are training right now (like those who have done the same for more than 60 years in South Florida) with the tacit support of the U.S. government, with rifles, every sort of technology, preaching their battle cry in both the Miami television or social networks, just waiting for other “concerned” people there, congressmen and congresswomen included —taking profits of the juicy business of counter-revolution and hatred— may convince (as they did with Kennedy) timorous Biden to launch a military intervention?

It would be even comical. But it so dangerous. By sowing amnesia, you are actually planting lack of gratitude, discouragement, demobilization, everything pushing the popular feeling to where our enemies want. And all these is fundamental in this dirty game to topple the Revolution. No matter if no one, no new experimental leader has tried a new alternative which may be serious and plausible. In fact, there is no other alternative than Likes in Facebook and José Martí’s poems out of context. But too much lies, hysteria, old, recycled manuals from colorless revolutions or soft coups that hurt way more than four sticks.

Induced political Alzheimer may turn into a nightmare to the point that once awake, we will pray to turn back the time. But it would be too late.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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