Homeland and Hustlers

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Homeland and Hustlers
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19 February 2021

Like a song to self-ignominy can be described the video of the song that several Cuban artists residing in the United States with members of the so-called San Isidro in Havana movement have just launched.

The song written by the member of Orisha, Yotuel, and also interpreted by Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno, as expected, is just an arrangement, with an urban vibe, of the clichés that Miami's anti-Cuban propaganda spreads through every rooftop every day on dozens of online pages dedicated to belittling Cuba.

The very title of the song is a blunder, if we take into account the participation in the video of the alleged rapper Maykel Osorbo, member of the San Isidro Movement, whom all Cuba could see, in an open broadcast recently ran on the Newsreel of the Cuban Television, asking former President Donald Trump for a military invasion to erase the Island from the face of the earth.

Is that the life the authors promise us after the much-desired regime change for which the song was written?

"Homeland and Hustlers" would have been, undoubtedly, a more appropriate title, if we take into account that some of its interpreters, like Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno, "realized the truth of what was happening in Cuba” after yielding to the blackmail of the YouTube spokesperson for the Miami anti-Cuban mafia, Alexander Otaola, who blocked their access to the Miami music market.

Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom (Gente de Zona), accused of the great sin of celebrating the presence of the Cuban President in one of their concerts in Havana, in a show of shameful "freedom", which curiously "did not allowed them to be themselves "They ended up apologizing, tearfully, on a Florida television show for not having realized earlier the" truth "of the suffering of the Cuban people.

Being straightforward to launch the video, Delgado assured that he wanted to leave clear that “we are in nobody’s payroll. We don’t have any party, we don’t belong to any party, we are simply speaking on behalf of the people.

Will they have the people in their pockets?

They should have a little more decency and not justify the selfishness of their cowardice on behalf of the Cuban people. It would be much more honest and understandable, if they simply accepted having been manipulated, between pressures and promises of villas and swimming pools, by the anti-Cuban mafia party that governs Miami to be used as spokesmen against the very people they claim to defend today.

On the other hand, nothing is older than the promises of change and the end of the regime that, they say, inspire the song. They should ask Willy Chirino how ridiculous someone can be when he realizes that politics, even the cheapest has to do with Walter Mercado-like prophecies.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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