The Essential Role of Science

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The Essential Role of Science
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18 February 2021

The system of science in Cuba works tirelessly to guarantee all Cuban citizens get vaccinated against Covid-19. It is huge task, but imperative. If expectations are met (and there are conditions to do so), this country will be one of the first to offer nationwide coverage in the vaccination campaigns to ease the impact of the pandemic.

Detractors of Cuban social system state that the scientific development of the nation is disproportionate. They believe that the building of scientific poles, laboratories, institutions, companies and factories devoted to the research and production tied to science are only due to propaganda efforts, instead of meeting a real need.  

When the processes of vaccine candidates come to an end, when massive vaccination kicks off, they will find new “arguments” to criticize. To the greatness of this work, they will contrapose trivialities and old technicalities. They will magnify specific problems. They will refute the humanist essence of a Revolution that has given priority to the health of its people.

Cuba embraces science, first of all, to the wellbeing of its citizens as well as to contribute with the comprehensive development of the nation. Science to grow. The right use of this knowledge will be always one of its top challenges.

Circumscribing the contribution of science to a uniquely economic equation is not “practical;” it is like ignoring the humanitarian value of an everyday practice, to which thousands of professionals are devoted.

In a world where inequity in the access to products of science prevails, Cuba has the right and duty to find solutions. In the global fight against this pandemic, certain instabilities in the production and supply of vaccines have been exposed. Wealthy nations monopolize most of the productions. So there are less chances for poor nations.

The fact that an underdeveloped country manages to produce its own vaccines, and works to protect its citizens, is not bizarre. It is a declaration of principles. The development of science is one of the pillars of the dreamed nation we want.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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