Embracing this new normalcy

Embracing this new normalcy
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8 October 2020

It is paramount to make the most out of our emotional intelligence and mind capability in order to positively endure most of the day.

Human beings have a psychological and emotional intelligence that paves our way to handle better the circumstances surrounding us, especially if we cannot change our reality.

Evading reality is something common. Such escape may lead us to drink excessive amount of alcoholic beverages or eat excessive food, self-incrimination, or fall into a state of total depression, frenzy talk, all sort of unbalanced physical or mental activity.

Insane consumerism may be the form of evasion least accepted. And this is the worst as it has become, especially in rich countries, a way of life until consumers realize that they are actually the ones being consumed. It may be very well possible that individuals go from compulsive shopping to embrace other activities but with similar frantic pace. This attitude, which may be concealed, is the real problem.

There is a constellation of hobbies, games and creative, rewarding activities that we can do. Any of them, if done properly, may give us satisfaction and joy.

In our cultural context, where human interaction is essential, the current circumstance is painful. But this is now our reality and thus, we need to mentally accept it. Finding mechanisms for such interaction, excluding physical contact, and using them wisely, is actually feasible.

Nonetheless, we must be careful. Many of us need to offload our problems with others, and it is valid. But we would be putting in jeopardy what we have already achieved. It is practical to remember the direct connection between our thinking and our speech. We usually repeat what is being thought and what we say is embedded in our mind.

Let’s be careful. When we permanently start talking about the negative consequences of isolation, let’s immediately switch our mindset… We can really do it:

“Hey, we have spent ten minutes talking about the same subject. Tell me, did you see the soap opera last night?”

Being vigilant is key. Let’s observe. Let’s listen. Long telephone calls may turn negative. If so, the rest of the day may be dark and hence, we will not be able to enjoy what we have at hand: a soap opera, a film, or a beautiful song to boost up our emotions and find peace.

It does not mean we need to live in a bubble. On the contrary, we know what our reality is and we are in touch with others and we know how to help whoever needs it. It is about doing our best with our mindset, not to escape our reality for a minute, but in order to positively endure most of the day.

That is the best way to help ourselves and our beloved ones, despite present circumstances.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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