EDITORIAL: Marching with the current times

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EDITORIAL: Marching with the current times
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5 May 2023

The current context of the country’s economy, marked by shortage of fuel supply, is the reason why the traditional parade for International Workers' Day will not be held in the iconic Revolution Square in Havana. Nonetheless, other spots in the Cuban capital city will host the celebrations and thus, avoid large mobilizations of people from distant places.

Likewise, the celebrations will be also held in every province and municipality of the nation, but from a view of rationality and austerity.

It does not mean that we gave up on the spirit of celebration resulting from that day; no way! Especially after the extraordinary contribution of Cuban workers in these rough times for the nation, besieged by an increasing package of sanctions that are articulated from the immoral blockade imposed by the northern power.

And it does not mean Cubans will not have the possibility of showing the majority support of the people for their Revolution. Millions will march this May 5 or in the days before, but following other alternatives.

The greatest strength of the national project that Cuba is determined to build lies in the workers: that better country that all citizens deserve. Faced with the increase in external pressures, it is necessary to reaffirm unity and consolidate what the President of the Republic has called "creative resistance."

May 5 will be a day of celebration and commitment, but the challenge is permanent. And the nation has the moral reserves and enthusiasm to take it on.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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