Cubans respond to Trump: Put us on that list!

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Cubans respond to Trump: Put us on that list!
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26 October 2020

The elderly say that we should be careful with what we ask for. The man in a turban, showing off he is a super influencer, urged his fans to propose names to add to the McCarthyist list he just spread and delivered to President Trump.

However, instead of terrifying and scaring Cubans in the island, the list just stirred up our humor and creativity, part of our nature. And also our courage because, in the words of Arnaldo Rodríguez, “we may be accused of anything, but cowards.”

The interesting thing is that, besides the aforementioned Arnaldo Rodríguez, other artists included in the list reacted in their social networks (Buena Fé and Pablo FG); not to mention the thousands of Cubans who also reacted in their private Facebook accounts with a solid a strong request: Put me on that list!

And of course, among Cubans, politeness cost nothing, nor entertainment avoids responsibility. Therefore, the guaracha (Cuban folk music) performed by Puerto Rican Daniel Santos came at the perfect time:

If Fidel’s stuff

Are communist stuff, put me on that list as I agree with him.


And I couldn’t care less that my path may be ruined if I walk beside Fidel.

And then, memes flooded the internet. Here I recommend the combo posted by La Ciberclaria, a Facebook account that may have caused terrible headaches to Otaola and followers these days.

Other versions came to light, as that of Salam Amed:

“Message for Twitter at the rhythm of a Cuban guaracha: If Diaz-Canel’s stuff are communist stuff #PutMeOnThatList as I agree with him.”

Let no one be surprised if these two rhyme as well:

Because I am still stubborn

As I fight with the truth,

As I behave with dignity,

And my life is not on sale.

Because I despise their hate

As I believe in Martí, Marx

As I am anti-imperialist

And I follow Fidel.

I believe in Díaz-Canel


(Posted by Ernesto Guerra Arias)


It will be a tremendous honor,

And if I am put there by a traitor

I am happy. I am a communist.

Oh, I am also Fidelist

And that’s not going to change,

I request to be put on that bloody list

Since I will be proud to be on her.

(Posted by Damiana Estévez)

In addition to these, there is also the résumé posted by singer-songwriter Ariel Díaz to “deserve” to be included on that list, or the satirical question posted by journalist Francisco Rodríguez Cruz: Does anyone know how can I apply for the membership in that Red list?”

The answer is actually a tough one. The list has nothing new. It is actually a version of the McCarthy’s witch-hunt of the mid-20th century, and it is also the new expression of an old annexationism, and above all, the hysterical misplay of those who know already they are losing the game.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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