Cuba: Don't Let that Light go Out

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Cuba: Don't Let that Light go Out
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12 November 2020

The point isn’t what is expected of Biden for Cuba in a possible scenario. That is irrelevant right now. The important thing now and what is worth enjoying (with popcorn included) is that we are witnessing together with the world the defeat of a negative "defender". A defender of intolerance, hatred, racism, discrimination, and political bravado. Another one who promised, boasted, and shouted to destroy "the Castro-communist dictatorship" is leaving, and ended up in the twilight. One more on the list. The tough old man (wherever he is) must be smoking a good cigar while smiling. It’s surprising to review how many unprecedented economic restrictions have been added to the Cuban people over the last 4 years. Even more cruel, some of these measures worsened in the midst of a global pandemic that deteriorates the global economy and where a small Caribbean island (Cuba) has been forced to bring forth its limited resources in order to save lives. How difficult and exhausting things have become for Cuban families on both shores with the decisions of Trump’s administration. How many medical products, food, fuel and vital raw materials stopped entering Cuba because of that cruel and unjustified hatred that emanated from this Mister and his lackeys.

"Raise ravens and they’ll gouge out your eyes." If the results of this election are certified, Mr. Trump will exit the White House as the first North American president who in the last 30 years has failed to serve more than one presidential term. But beware! He is not the only one losing. With him are losing those who exalted him as a political missile for their own petty interests in pursuit of attacking the poorest, the underprivileged. Along with him fall silent the inquisitors, the promoters of inoperative child lists. Personal attacks and cyberbullying that try to discredit those who defend different positions are being defeated. The lie has short legs". See how vanish into thin air those who, through pressure and threats, tried to silence and discredit valuable Cuban artists who did not want to join the chorus. Those who did not give in at a crucial moment. I am unable (even with understandable reasons) to rejoice at the misfortune of others, to boast with the cry of the defeated. But nevertheless. Today a good bottle of Cuban Rum is opened. Today we drink in this Bar. Today we have to dance in this party of ideas and thoughts.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff


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