Climate Change: How Come it Doesn’t Exist?

Climate Change: How Come it Doesn’t Exist?
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5 June 2023

«Global warming is another of the lies of socialism. It’s part of the agenda of cultural Marxism. Its objective is fear," proclaims over and over again the far-right Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei, with more and more followers of his "Libertarian Party", only surpassed by Macri’s followers of Together for Change and the Justicialist Front for All , in government.

A follower of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and former US President Donald Trump, in addition to being a "regular visitor" to the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Milei is also close to the far-right Spanish party Vox and the ultra-conservative politician and former Chilean presidential candidate José Antonio Kast.

He lives off the expenses of his university classes and books and has the support of reactionary media such as Infobae, Expreso and others internationally, and has reached many people through a communicative power similar to those exhibited by the also reactionary Zelensky, Jimmy Morales. and Trump.

In short, Milei, faithful to the interests of predatory corporations, denies the existence of climate change.


In the last decades of the last century, in Western societies there was a true boom in environmentalism, concern for the environment, for the consequences of the greenhouse effect, for the uncontrolled felling of forests and for the extinction of many species of animals.

International organizations like Greenpeace became our modern heroes, fashions changed and the use of animal skins became not just of bad taste, but would mark whoever wears them as totally cruel.

It seemed there was a process of planetary integration, and the young green movements and parties invited us to join the search for new development paradigms, harshly criticizing the world capitalist model as primitive, worn out, and exhausting.

Some rivers, forests, and animals were saved on several continents, but that no longer exists, because everything goes according to the famous phrase "when we had the answers, the questions changed", attributed to Mario Benedetti.

This explains this historical turn, characterized by the hijacking of the left's agenda by capitalism and the purchase by corporations of European "environmentalism" as the best tool to distract public opinion (already mentally synchronized on this frequency), to divert struggles and hopes.


Let's not look at Europe, but let's look at our continent, and within it, Chile has a special place, despite the fact that at the moment it officially has an environmental protection program, but it’s not being complied with.

In the south of the nation, where Mapuche people are mistreated, the large landowners who plan the construction of dams are abundant, while financing local environmental movements in charge of organizing media scandals, in order to multiply the offers of private hydroelectric companies by the right to put dams on their land.

The issue is broad and space cannot be so, which is why Chile continues to be an important center of attention, as a United Nations investigation has just shown.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment, David Boyad, denounced that Chile faces an "overwhelming series of environmental crises" that violate multiple human rights.

"These crises, which have been going on for many years, include deeply troubling sacrifice zones where marginalized and vulnerable communities suffer from exposure to toxic substances and environmental degradation," he said in a statement, at the conclusion of a ten-day mission to the South American country. .

Boyad explained that the crisis affects the fundamental right to live in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment; and translates, for example, into water scarcity, lack of access to sufficient drinking water and deadly air pollution.

"Chile is also suffering severely from the impact of the global climate crisis, including drought, desertification, devastating forest fires, deadly heat waves, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and an increasing intensity of extreme weather events," warned the expert.

Given this scenario, the rapporteur urged authorities to implement urgent measures to guarantee universal access to clean water, clean air and a non-toxic environment.

"It’s completely unacceptable that children and young people in some communities are growing up without a reliable water supply in their homes and schools and are exposed to toxic chemicals that threaten their health," he said.

Boyad urged developing stronger environmental laws and regulations, allocating more resources and carrying out stricter enforcement of existing laws on the matter.


Something similar occurs in the fight against large mining. While the indigenous, peasants, and fishermen of Latin America give their lives to stop the transnational mega-projects that kill all life in their territories, the corporations hire hitmen to assassinate social leaders who fight against their projects.

Behind the pretty talk about "alternative energies" several elements of common sense are lost and true interests are hidden. The interest of Western economic elites in reducing their traditional dependence on oil and gas is not due to their concern for the fate of humanity.

What would interest them is to restructure the current model of colonialism they exercise so that the countries that own the main hydrocarbon reserves have less power in the world and thus undermine the foundations of their economic growth.

Climate change continues to affect the planet and our continent is an example of this, although it receives less publicity, such as when the top of a mountain thaws, or a glacier breaks away, or many islands begin to be buried. But Milei, there it is. How does it not exist?

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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