Are the Latest Measures of the Cuban Government the Right Move?

Are the Latest Measures of the Cuban Government the Right Move?
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19 June 2020

It was announced since Thursday, June 11th: organizations of the central administration of the State would expose the specific guidelines in their area of impact for the transition to a post-Covid stage in Cuba. This was done last Monday by Marta Feitó Cabrera and Meisi Bolaños Weiss, the ministers of Labor and Social Security and Finance and Prices, respectively, in the Round Table television program.

As for jobs, the decision to continue paying by results in the enterprise sector was ratified. Feitó Cabrera also explained the difference between what’s known as basic salary and scale salary. She highlighted that misinterpretations of these categories have resulted, in some cases, in detriment of workers.

In general, the measures will favor workers and take into account the objective conditions of the moment and the laws in force. Mothers with toddlers, patients admitted or in isolation, self-employed workers, among other groups or cases, will be protected somehow.

An alternative used during the period of isolation and which will remain in this new stage is that related to telework, or remote work. According to the minister of the sector, this "has many advantages, such as saving resources and increasing productivity."

Although it’s a modality with little tradition in Cuba, it has proven to be practical, appropriate and of multiple conveniences. Going systemic -which will be the road to walk whenever possible- the role of managers will be essential. They will be the main responsible for ensuring the indispensable requirements and, at the same time, using modern methods and styles.

The Ministry of Finance and Prices, explained how health and economic work has been supported so far through budgetary and fiscal actions. She also announced that saving resources is a variable that will continue to be present on the economic field.

Among the post-Covid guidelines appears the procedure to follow in cases of losses in the enterprise sector: it must first be covered with its own contingency reserves; if this weren’t possible, the Ministry of Finance and Prices would evaluate its financing.

All in all, the measures of this ministry aim at stimulating productive activities in the next stage, as well as to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic on the different economic performers. At the same time, they establish the responsibilities the municipal administrations have in this regard.

In summary, the latest measures sow the immediate objectives of the government's management: to advance to a normalcy of the country, with the lowest possible social cost.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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