AMLO, Still Popular

AMLO, Still Popular
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12 October 2020

Thousands of opponents in tents at the heart of the capital, a pandemic that doesn’t give in and pushes a nation to the first place of lethality due to COVID-19, an economy hit hard by the lack of investment, the fall in that characteristic of the number one partner, the hatred campaign of elements connected to drug trafficking and pressure on the judiciary to prevent the clearing up of the cases of disappeared people, have not lessened the popularity of the Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrados, AMLO for his supporters.

AMLO keeps in several popularity polls more than 60%, and the main attacks against him come from party entities that oppose the president from carrying on the measures to bring to trial five former presidents for corruption crimes, among other causes.

The president has announced that, if the courts don’t want justice about this, he will hold a popular consultation to achieve the prosecution of the alleged corrupt former presidents, who during their respective administrations increased inequality and insecurity.

AMLO’s confidence rests on the fact that the common Mexican is now informed of what is going on and what the president intends to do, there’s a feedback between both parties, which was orphaned in previous regimes.

AMLO, enemy of neoliberalism, hasn’t been able to do everything in his power to attempt to eliminate an evil that must disappear, if he wants to attain the welfare for the nation.

The control in the hands of large private companies, plus the established informality of work in the country, brakes an efficient fight against the pandemic, an evil that is very difficult to face when there’s a deficit of more than 200,000 doctors.

Despite everything, he has kept security measures announced since the beginning of his mandate to try at least to halt the still rising crime.

It should be noted that many municipalities in the country have authorities who work for or alongside drug dealers, their election depends on them, therefore they have to consult with them when a change is proposed.

The President must fight against all this; he has tried to improve the security of the nation.


For the International Monetary Fund (IMF), "a security strategy in Mexico does not cut short violence, but increases it."

According to the IMF, this is undoable, due to the lack of foreign private investment, which notices the risk; the unsustainable increase in the budget and indebtedness both public and private.

However, López Obrador, confident in the prospect of 'cleansing up' Pemex and using the future National Guard to put an end to corruption, has already promised his people that, in three years, the country will have a health system like that of Canada and 100 new universities will be created, where all students will receive scholarships.

AMLO is giving a stimulating change to the Mexican foreign policy, which in the last three six-year terms has been characterized by surrender and submission to the United States. For him, the last three presidents, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón, and Enrique Peña Nieto, were Washington's “lapdogs”, leaving Article 89 of the Mexican Constitution in disuse, which reads:

"The head of the Executive power shall observe the following normative principles: the self-determination of the peoples; non-intervention; the peaceful settlement of disputes; the proscription of the threat or use of force in international relations; the legal equality of the States."

The most humane, most effective way to face the problem of insecurity and violence passes, he says, by: a) fighting poverty, b) caring for young people, c) avoiding family disintegration, d) rescuing the countryside and f) strengthening cultural, moral, and spiritual values.

The entire strategy to fight insecurity and violence will not be established in the use of force, violence cannot be fought with violence, and in this regard it should be noted that there has been no obstruction for opponents who ask for his resignation have had any accident.

AMLO, who almost on a daily basis reports on what he is doing and what they are trying to do, he personally approaches the problem of insecurity and violence. Every day, from 6 a.m., he receives the report from the police, the army, on crimes committed in the country, and does not delegate the problem.

Some progress has already been made in the difficult task of organizing public safety, and he is trying to prevent the army from acting on the one hand, the navy, and the federal police on the other, as well as the state police.

AMLO has already strengthened the National Commission for the Search of Disappeared with enough budget and specialized personnel, and assert that he will pass the Victims Law and the General Law of Forced Disappearance of Persons with the participation of relatives of those affected by violence.

In this context, there are discreet advances in finding the truth about the 43 students disappeared in Ayotzinapa, in which he has given his word, but this is an issue that due to its depth and importance will require a separate and more fitting treatment.

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