American curios: Madhouse

American curios: Madhouse
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8 October 2020

Supporters and enemies of President Donald Trump clashed yesterday at a rally in support of the police at Macy’s Herald Square in New York.

Nobody knows anything, or they know but they don’t say, or they say it but it’s a lie, or perhaps they are covering up something but they are so inept – just as they have dealt with the pandemic – even that they don’t do it right. It's like a Marx Brothers show, but we are talking about the command of the last superpower, which has turned into a madhouse.

The "invisible enemy" has penetrated the safest and most protected place on earth, the White House, and infected the one who has minimized Covid-19 - " it affects virtually nobody" he said last week "- and who has mocked his own scientists and the need for mitigation measures and who, according to recent research, is considered the greatest diffuser of fake information about Covid-19 in the United States.

Trump has sought to avoid responsibility for his disastrous handling of the pandemic that has killed an estimated of 205,000 people in his country, but has now become America's chief patient. The world's most powerful man, who has tried to dismantle health and social welfare programs, is now in a public hospital where socialized medicine is practiced, where the billionaire, who did not pay federal taxes for at least 10 years, will receive free care paid by those who do pay taxes.

In a government lead by a president who has made at least 20,000 false or misleading statements since he was appointed, according to the Washington Post count, it’s not surprising that no one believes him. Since he tweeted at 12:54 a.m. of Friday informing that he and his wife had been infected, speculation has dominated due to a lack of truthful information. Even the doctor in charge of patient number one had to confess that he had not told the truth on Friday, stating that they were not "necessarily" trying to hide something; that is, it could be said that it was not "necessarily" the truth either. But he insists that now they can believe him.

Meanwhile, it’s unknown how many people have been infected by the president himself and his team within the White House or in acts carried out without health measures of distancing and the use of surgical masks over the last few days (of course, since it was announced that he was infected, suddenly and for the first time, almost his entire team appears wearing surgical masks).

A good part of the contagions, including that of the president, could have happened from a White House act last Saturday, since at least eight of the approximately 150 people who attended, including the tycoon and his wife, are now infected with Covid-19, as well as two senators, former Governor Chris Christie, the resident adviser Kellyanne Conway and the dean of Notre Dame University. During the week it was informed that a close adviser to Trump in the chair of the Republican National Committee, and the head of staff for the president's re-election campaign, Bill Stepien, were reported to have the virus.

On Thursday, even after learning about the contagion from his adviser, to which he was exposed, Trump traveled to a meeting attended by nearly 200 donors and allies, potentially infecting several there.

Now, the White House is a possible source of dangerous contagion. Governments should at least warn their citizens that if they are visiting the area, avoid going near the headquarters of the US Executive, which is now even more harmful to public health than before.

Meanwhile, versions circulate in the media that within the White House they are unaware on how sick he is and that there’s an atmosphere of alarm because everyone working there could have been exposed, but also because it’s not known who is in charge of the government or the implications for its future.

In other words, nobody knows anything, or they know everything, or they say they know but they don't or they know, but they don't want to say. It's a madhouse where patients say they have everything under control


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