Fascist Trump Labels Venezuela and Cuba 'Oppressive'

Fascist Trump Labels Venezuela and Cuba 'Oppressive'
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26 October 2016
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The presidential candidate said that a Trump administration would seek to change the Maduro and Castro governments.

"With a victory in November everything will change, that change includes standing in solidarity with the suffering of the people of Cuba and Venezuela against the oppression of the Castro and Maduro regimes," Trump said referring to Cuban President Raul Castro and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

His latest remarks come at a time when the left-wing Venezuelan government is facing a new round of attacks from the right-wing dominated National Assembly.

Months-long tensions became full-blown confrontation when lawmakers Sunday passed a declaration that the government had broken constitutional order after election authorities suspended a recall referendum against Maduro due to a series of irregularities on the part of the opposition.

On Tuesday the assembly voted to move forward with impeachment proceedings, despite the fact that a dialogue between the government and the opposition is to take place on Sunday.

However, unlike neighboring Brazil, where Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from the presidency in August, a trial against Maduro would be illegal given that Congress is currently in noncompliance with a ruling from the country's Supreme Court, therefore its actions have no legal standing.

OPINION: The Globalization of Donald Trump

Venezuela and Cuba are all-too familiar with U.S. meddling and direct and subtle attempts for regime change and support for right-wing groups and parties to undermine the leftist tide that Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez had unleashed in Latin America.

Trump’s comments came at campaign rally in St. Augustine, Florida where he also claimed that the campaign of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton corrupted the government.

Republicans and democrats, as well as progressives in the U.S. and the world, have warned against a Trump presidency while many have likened him to Adolf Hitler and historical fascist figures as neo-Nazi and white supremacist figures and groups endorse him.

Thus Trump’s comments on Venezuela and Cuba serve as further proof for how little he is in touch with reality. Bans on Muslims, saying Mexicans immigrants in the U.S. are “rapists and drug dealers” while calling refugees terrorists, which are Trump’s publicly declared policies and statements, are the very definition of oppressive policies that people need to stand against.

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