Demonstrations in Venezuela to Show Rejection of US Interference

Demonstrations in Venezuela to Show Rejection of US Interference
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27 September 2016
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Convened by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), social sectors are mobilizing in Caracas today to repudiate US interventionist actions.

According to the leader of this organization and the mayor of a Caracas municipality, Jorge Rodriguez, the demonstrations will show Venezuelan's rejection of statements made by the White House spokesman, John Kirby, which Rodriguez labeled ignorant, vulgar and insolent.

Rodriguez added that pronouncements on the subject of the revocation referendum against President Nicolas Maduro, being promoted by the right, interfere in the internal affairs of the country because the process is only Venezuelan's responsibility.

Kirby questioned CNE's decision to set the second stage of the referendum process between October 26th and 28th.

In response the electoral organization also issued a statement condemning the comments and pointed out the interventionist nature of the Obama administration.

In the official statement to which Prensa Latina had access, CNE stated that they do not accept the disrespect implicit in the press release, which was signed by Kirby on behalf of the US government, and asked US representatives to refrain from expressing opinions on the process of democratic participation in Venezuela.

The electoral authority noted that the statement was aimed at discrediting the democracy consolidated in the South American country in the last 17 years of Bolivarian Revolution.

The Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodríguez has also asked the US government to respect the sovereignty and independence of Venezuela, a country which does not respond to claims or imperial orders.

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