Dems call for action concerning Trump-Bondi money

Dems call for action concerning Trump-Bondi money
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20 September 2016
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A $40 million lawsuit against Trump University is still pending, but Lee County Democrats say more needs to be done.

Several Democrats joined former US Air Force General John Douglass on Thursday, calling for investigators to question Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for illegal contributions she accepted from Trump's non-profit.

Education is everything to Douglass, especially for returning veterans.

"Access to a good college education should be a fundamental right for all," said Douglass.

So when he heard countless veterans had fallen victim to Trump University, he took it personally.

"When our veterans are being scammed by this and could lose all their money and get nothing for it, it's a real concern," said Douglass.

The $25,000 contribution was made just one month after a lawsuit was filed against Trump University.

"This is black and white, this is pay for play, and this is wrong," said April Freeman, candidate for US House of Representatives.

Earlier this month, Trump was hit with a $2,500 fine by the IRS for making the political contribution from his non-profit, which is against the law.

It left frustrated Democrats wondering what else Trump's yet-to-be-released tax records could reveal.

"Hillary is more than willing to show her tax returns, more than willing to show her medical records, more than willing to be as transparent as she possibly can, and from the other side we get nothing," said Mark Castellano, president of the Teachers Association of Lee County.

Last week, a letter to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch called for a similar investigation into Bondi. The letter was signed by 15 Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee accusing Trump of bribing Bondi.

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