Trump to Receive Briefing on US National Security Issues

Trump to Receive Briefing on US National Security Issues
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18 August 2016
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The Republican presidential candidate to the November elections, Donald Trump, will receive on Wednesday an briefing on secret national security issues at the offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Manhattan, New York.

This will be the first meeting of this type the candidate of the red party will attend, also to be attended by the governor of New Jersey and head of the Trump's transition team, Chris Christie, as well as the retired Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, person close to the tycoon.

The working session takes place just two days after the New York businessman outlined in a speech the main points of view on foreign policy issues.

During this intervention in Youngstown, Ohio, he reiterated his xenophobic ideas, outlined a plan for the fight against terrorism should he assume the leadership of the White House, and promised to keep open the prison at the Guantanamo naval base.

Since 1952 the US intelligence agencies have offered classified reports to the candidate chosen by each party towards the elections, therefore the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton will participate in the coming weeks in similar meetings to the one to be held on Wednesday.

According to the program established by law, six months before the day of the presidential elections and eight from the inauguration of the next president, a coordinating council is to be created in the White House and federal agencies to direct the change of command.

Most of these measures were taken after 2002, when the General Office of Oversight of Government, annexed to Congress, indicated in a report some irregularities in the process.

The report revealed that during the transfer of the presidency of William Clinton to George W. Bush in late 2000 and early 2001, there were acts of vandalism, pranks, theft and damage to property in the White House.

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