Attacks on US Public Workers and Unions Intensify

Attacks on US Public Workers and Unions Intensify
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27 January 2016
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1,688 police officers from Peru's National Police force were removed from their posts from 2011 to 2015 as part of the Interior Ministry's efforts to tackle corruption and other serious offenses.

"There has been more supervision, unannounced visits, operational and control activities within the police,” Interior Ministry Inspector General Susana Silva Hasembank told El Peruano.

2015 saw the most officers disciplined, with 512 relieved of duty.

​Hasembank said the large number of dismissals is also a product of harsher punishments for serious offenses, such as soliciting bribes and abuse of authority.

“Today, for example, in the case of a police officer involved in an act of domestic violence, (the officer) is placed on probation for six months to two years, and if he or she commits the same offense, they leave the institution," said Hasembank.

The Peruvian National Police has previously said it is on a mission to improve its public image, which had been tainted over allegations of corruption and abuse.

"We have the will and the conviction that we can generate significant changes in the police. The fight against corruption in this sector is a priority because it is a component of public safety,” declared Hasembank.

"It is important to continue to move forward with the necessary actions to remove bad cops."

A Peruvian congressional report released in December 2015 found that organized crime groups were seeking protection from the police and justice system by contributing to political campaigns.

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