Venezuela Says Opposition Wins 107 Seat Majority in Parliament

Venezuela Says Opposition Wins 107 Seat Majority in Parliament
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8 December 2015
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CARACAS – The National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced on Monday evening that the opposition alliance Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) had won the legislative elections with a total of 107 opposition legislators against 55 pro-government Chavistas, with 3 indigenous seats, and 2 seats still to be determined.

The Opposition believes that the 3 seats held by indigenous representatives of the indian tribes will vote with them, giving them 110 representatives.

Voter turnout was 74.25%.

For now, the opposition has won a qualified three-fifths majority, which required 101 representatives. To reach a qualified majority of two-thirds, the opposition needs 112 deputies, which the opposition says they won according to their counts.

The opposition will need to win the final 2 seats that have not yet been allocated to make the 112 threshold.

The opposition needs at least three-fifths of the seats to begin undertaking fundamental reforms in the country’s politics.

Meanwhile, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela has lost almost half its more than 100 seats in the current Parliament.

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