Opposition Protests Turn Violent in Ecuador

Opposition Protests Turn Violent in Ecuador
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14 August 2015
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Members of the opposition have engaged in violent clashes with the police.

Opposition protests against Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa’s government are becoming increasingly violent Thursday evening.   

In Quito, where the opposition march started at 4 p.m., protesters started to throw projectiles at police forces on Santo Domingo Square. 


“Both masked and unmasked demonstrators violently attacked the police,” reported teleSUR correspondent Lucho Granados. “The violence was completely unprovoked by police, who were guarding a street, keeping the opposition march from reaching the government rally (located in Independence Square).”  

The pro-government counterprotest in Independence Square, where the presidential palace is located, is taking place “in a festive atmosphere,” according to teleSUR correspondent Estefania Bravo.

"We have to learn from the mistakes from the past," said Labor Mininster Carlos Marx Carrasco, who rejects the violence against Ecuador’s democratically elected president.        

About two blocks away from the peaceful pro-Correa gathering, opposition protestors attempted to break through the police cordon, with demonstrators affiliated with the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador, threw rocks at police officers, reported El Telegrafo. 

The CONAIE has aligned itself with the right-wing opposition and called for an indigenous “uprising” against the Correa government, calling him to repeal land and water laws.


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