Maduro Assures Justice Will Prevail

Maduro Assures Justice Will Prevail
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23 February 2015
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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Sunday denounced via his official Twitter account the right wing opposition’s attempt to secure impunity after the arrest of Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma Thursday. He assured that justice will prevail and defend the country from any destabilization attempt. 

Maduro said that justice will be served after the governmentto carry out a coup February 12. The coup plans intended to attack different parts of Caracas and impose an illegitimate government body.

Translation: They involve soldiers in their conspiracies, with support from the Gringos, and later they abandon them and leave them to their fate, and then they only show up for their “political” figures...

Maduro accused right wing leaders of recruiting Venezuelan military for their coup plans.The coup sought to develop in various states with support from the US government.  

He advised the opposition to abandon their political games, referring to their simultaneous participation in democratic elections while also developing violent coup plans against the government.

Translation: Whoever wants to participate in politics respecting the constitution without ambushes and hidden (coup) letters, Welcome, we all have a place in the revolution.

This Saturday the president also called on the Venezuelan people to be alert and prepared for any scenario that could arrise as a consequence of U.S. intervention and cooperation with the Venezuelan right wing. The United States denies their involvement in destablization plans against Venezuela.

Translation: The right wing with its wounded pride, is quiet in face of the coup attempt I've reported and that we are dismantling, keep your silence full of complicity ...

It was the discovery on February 12 that led to the arrest of Ledezma a week later on February 19. Ledezma is charged for his alleged involvement in the attempted coup. 

Translation: But now justice will prevail, with absolute sovereignty, prosecutors and courts must act in defense of peace and the constitution...

​On February 20 the Public Ministry issued a statement. A judicial source said that "this arrest is related to the case of Lorent Saleh Gomez, Gabriel Valleys, Ronny Navarro, Carrero and Renzo Gerardo Prieto, who are currently being charged for alleged links with conspiratorial plans."

President Maduro also reported Thursday during a televised address that there is an international conspiracy against Venezuela that includes hostile media publications. Maduro said he has evidence of U.S. embassy staff involvement in the coup attempt.

He also emphasized that cities such as: Madrid (Spain), Bogota (Colombia), Miami (United States) are critical "to the conspiracy against our country."

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