Electromagnetic Attack Causes Blackout in Venezuela

Electromagnetic Attack Causes Blackout in Venezuela
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23 July 2019
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Caracas, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez assured that the national power outage, which authorities are trying to solve as soon as possible, is the result of an ''electromagnetic attack''.

The power outage occurred in the hydroelectric system in Guayana, in southern Venezuela, from where the bulk of the country's electricity is generated and distributed.

The blackout has affected half of all 23 Venezuelan states, including the capital, Caracas, according to local media.

Since 'the aggressions in March and April this year, the Bolivarian Government has implemented protection and security protocols that allow us to guarantee that we are in the process of reconnection,' Rodriguez noted.

Last Friday, part of central and western Caracas was affected by another power outage, due to a failure in the Bocaya substation, in the parish of San Bernardino, in the north of the capital.

In March, Venezuela was affected by the worst blackout that kept most of the country in darkness for 11 days.

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