Fake News Focus News Agencies Congress

Fake News Focus News Agencies Congress
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13 June 2019
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The so-called Fake News focus on Thursday the 6th News Agencies World Congress (NAWC), opened by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, in the presence of more than 90 media outlets from about 80 countries.

Three days of sessions in Sofia will seek a broad view in the fickle universe of The Future of News, the motto of the event, which strongly questions the danger Fake News could represent for the future of mankind.

'The future of news is actually the future of mankind. Information is currently the most abundant commodity but in fact the most deficient; the foundations of ethics are undermined and speed wants to be more relevant than reliable sources', Radev said.

In his courtesy speech to the NAWC delegates, the Bulgarian President deplored the effects of fake news and its increase as a plague that undermines the principles of democracy in the world.

Maxim Minchev, Director General of Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) and Secretary General of News Agency World Council (NACO), spoke about the digitalization of the societies, the management of media financing, sources of inspiration and the problems of Fake News.

Representatives from Australia, Congo Brazzaville, Cuba, South Africa, Syria, Palestine, France, Paraguay, the United States, Portugal, Italy, Andorra, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Guinea Bissau, Indonesia, Algeria, Spain, Germany, India, China, Russia and Vietnam, among others, are attending the NAWC.

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