Syrian Army and Rebels Engage in Heavy Fighting Near Damascus

Syrian Army and Rebels Engage in Heavy Fighting Near Damascus
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13 October 2014
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The Syrian armed forces and rebels have been involved in heavy clashes outside the capital of Damascus, as the government regains some territory on Monday.

The Syrian army engaged in fierce fighting with the Takfiri terrorists operating in the Ein Tarma valley, located in the eastern al-Ghouta region, and managed to push them back from the area.

The Ein Tarma valley is strategically important to the Takfiri groups as it connects militant-held towns to safe zones near the capital.

According to Irainian state television, Press TV a Syrian army official said that, “Since early hours of the morning, our troops took control of the Ein Tarma valley.”

“By pushing back the militants, we prevented mortar attacks on nearby areas,” he added.

The Syrian army has been gradually gaining a corridor of terrirtory which leads from Damascus to the Mediterranean, and last week they recaptured several areas in eastern Ghouta region, including the town of al-Dukhaniyeh. 

Meanwhile, an Islamic State suicide bomber detonated a truck on Monday in the important strategic Kurdish town of Kobane, near the Turkish border crossing with Syria.

Syria has been in the depths of a civil war since 2011 with over 200,000 people losing their lives in the conflict.

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