Maduro: Colombia to Blame for Electricity Failure in Venezuela

Maduro: Colombia to Blame for Electricity Failure in Venezuela
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27 December 2018
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The Venezuelan leader said during an event that the western states of Venezuela are facing an electricity crisis because of Colombian groups. 

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, accused a Colombian group of the attacks against Venezuelan electric system in the western border state of Zulia.

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"The electric war in Zulia has been ruthless. That comes from Colombia, groups trained in Colombia to attack the electrical system, but the people of Zulia are clear," the Venezuelan president said Wednesday.

Maduro said that his government has responded to the threats and are maintaining the electric service.

"There are groups trained in Colombia to attack the electrical system (...) They are terrorist attacks (...), a guerrilla war, terrorist, against the system," Maduro said during a ceremony celebrating the state's completion of new homes for citizens..

"Anyone who dares invade Venezuela, to touch our sacred territory, will be received by the people with a rifle in hand and will receive an armed force ready to fight and defend our beloved homeland," stressed President Maduro while asking the Venezuelan people to defend the sovereignty and independence of the country.

The western states of Venezuela, particularly Zulia, Tachira, Merida, Trujillo, and Barinas have suffered from long periods of blackouts.

The relationship between Colombia and Venezuela has been affected after Maduro accused the former of supporting the United States in its interventionist policies against Venezuela.

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