Syria Requests from the UN to Condemn Toxic Gas

Syria Requests from the UN to Condemn Toxic Gas
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26 November 2018
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Syria has requested from the United Nations Security Council and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to condemn the toxic gas attacks launched by terrorist groups against residential areas of Aleppo city on Saturday that left 107 people hurt.

Damascus' condemnation underlines that terrorists launched mortars containing chlorine gas against Khaldieh, Nile and Yameyet Al-Zahraa neighborhoods, mainly affecting women, elderly and children.

Some countries have helped terrorist to get access to chemical substances to be used against the Syrian people, to then accuse the Government of false flag attacks, arranged for media propaganda by intelligence services supporting terrorism, Damascus upholds.

In its message, the Syrian Government demands from the UN Security Council to immediately condemn such terrorist crimes and calls on it to assume its duties of keeping international peace and security.

It also urges the international body to take dissuasive and punitive measures against countries and regimes that support and sponsor terrorism.'

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